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Group Health Insurance

Group Health Insurance is regulated by the Affordable Care Act. Benefits and participation mandates are prescribed by law. Wm. Barabas & Assoc. Insurance is uniquely qualified to help employers navigate through the intricacies of this law, to implement a first class group health insurance program. Our group health carriers include: BlueCross/ BlueShield, United Health Care, Humana, Aetna, and Cigna. Group Health Insurance is community rated and offered on a guarantee issue basis with no pre-existing conditions exclusions.

Supplemental Policies

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Wm. Barabas & Assoc. Insurance has a full array of supplemental benefits that an employer can offer to its employees which include: Dental, Vision, and Life Insurance. We also offer Aflac policies which include disability income, Cancer, and Accident Insurance. These coverages can be offered on a voluntary basis with the employee paying all or part of the premium through payroll deduction.